Motorex TOP SPEED 4T SAE 10W/40 MA2 blend user review : Raja

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Hello everyone I’m RN RAJA, and I’m from saidpur, today I’m going to share my using experience about Motorex 10W40 synthetic blend which I have been using since last 2 years, well this engine oil was suggested by one of my close brother and he said that this is an well-known brand and he found this engine oil much better, so I started
using this engine oil in my bike Zontes 155 G1, I used to go for long rides with my bike so I have experience this engine oil properly, some positive and negative thing will be discussed below.

Positive things:

*After using this engine oil, I got the best performance from my bike, sound was smooth and the throttle response and acceleration was good, also I didn’t notice any kind of noise.

*Long ride performance was good; I have ride more than 1800 kilometers during a tour; and this oil holds its viscosity for a long while, no issue with smoothness and performance at all.

*In term of city ride, heating issue and gear shifting is main thing, and I got a smooth gear shifting, so no issues at all.

*I didn’t notice less oil in draining.

*Motorex is a well know brand so I won’t worry about performance and reliability, also this engine oil was newly that time so there was no issue with original product.

Negative thing:

*At first there was a little bit heating issue, but soon it was solved.

So that was my using experience of Motorex 10W40 Synthetic Blend, thought this brand is new in Bangladesh, so it will be helpful for others.

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