Motorex TOP SPEED 4T 10W/40 JASO MA 2 Price in Bangladesh

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Motorex is a renowned engine oil company from Switzerland that has been supplying its products in various countries for many years. In the Bangladeshi market, their line-up includes various types of engine oils suitable for bikes available in our country's market.

Interest thing is, one of the world's most famous lubricant companies, Motorex, didn't start by producing lubricants. They began in 1917 in Langenthal, Switzerland, manufacturing shoe and leather care products. It was only around 1920 that Arnold Bucher renamed the company to REX. Later, after directly witnessing the progressive development of motorized vehicles, Adi Bucher started producing lubricants for motor vehicles in 1947. The company's name was then changed from Rex to Motorex.

Motorex TOP SPEED 4T 10W/40 JASO MA 2 is one such engine oil, exclusively produced by Motorex, available at all authorized dealers
of Royal Enterprise in our country. The specialty of this engine oil lies in its full synthetic formulation, which aids in achieving high performance for bikes. Additionally, its viscosity level is commendable, assisting in increasing mileage and supporting various aspects of a bike's engine. Moreover, the Motorex TOP SPEED 4T 10W/40 JASO MA 2 engine oil provides protection against overheating, ensures smooth clutch operation, and safeguards the engine from various angles.

Recently, with Royal Enterprise taking charge, Motorex TOP SPEED 4T 10W/40 JASO MA 2 is becoming more readily available in the market, and it's priced at a very reasonable rate of only at Taka 1560.

So, without further delay, you can use Motorex TOP SPEED 4T 10W/40 JASO MA 2 for the ultimate protection and performance of your bike.

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