KTM and Motorex: The Racing Industry's Deadly Duo

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For more than two decades, KTM and Motorex have dominated the markets including global racing events. When one of the world's most successful brands and specialist leading lubricants companies in the world of motorbikes formed a partnership in 2003,
it was assumed that this partnership would sustain and thrive.

KTM and Motorex have combined experienced development teams to create a "state-of-the-art infrastructure" capable of producing lubricant solutions for specific situations. And that's why Motorex lubricants are called #raceproven.

Why does KTM call Motorex "First-fill"?
Motorex has played a major role not only in the racetrack but also in boosting KTM's production. Motorex has helped to provide the peak performance of KTM bikes to the riders and due to this, KTM was able to sell more than 375000 units worldwide in 2022.
An interesting fact is that about 32000 liters of Motorex engine oil are used in KTM machines every month. About 2.4 million stock motorcycles have been filled by Motorex over the years. That's why KTM refers to Motorex as the "First Fill" for their bikes.

Both Motorex and KTM have come to realize the importance of each other. And KTM is in recognition of this. In 2017, Motorex was awarded the KTM Supplier Quality Excellence Award 2017. On the other hand, Motorex launched two high-performance engine oils of Exclusive Limited Edition on the occasion of 20 years of partnership with KTM. POWER SYNT 4T SAE 10W/50 and CROSS POWER 2T are available exclusively at KTM dealers.

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KTM and Motorex: The deadly duo in the racing world:

Both Motorex and KTM believe in 100 percent commitment to their product. Both companies have dominated the world's racetracks and are both market leaders in their respective fields.

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When KTM entered the Motorcycle World Championship in 2003, Motorex became their technical partner in the 125cc class. In the same year, KTM was
able to achieve their first podium finish in Malaysia and in 2004 Casey Stoner took their first win for KTM. The combination of KTM's slim orange fairing with Motorex's green logo on the KTM 125 FRR managed to create a distinct vibe at the racetrack. There was no looking back for the duo after that.

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During this partnership of more than 20 years, they have won 122+ FIM World Championships and continue to write their success stories in various racing events. They last won the Ralley Dakar Moto Racing with Kevin Benavides (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing).

In the 2020 season, KTM's Brad Binder set a MotoGP world speed record of 362.4 km/h on the KTM RC16.

Then in 2022, Oliviera's victory in Indonesia made KTM and Motorex's combined grand prix wins in total four times in the premier class. Motorex's first-class solutions have contributed to KTM's archive of 330 FIM World Titles and podium finishes in AMA Supercross, AMA Pro National Motocross, and MotoGP™, Moto3™, and Moto2™, along with Enduro and MXGP. (KTM won the premier class in 2010-2014, 2017, 2018, and 2021 and won the MX2 championship in 2004, 2008-2014, 2016-2020, and 2022)

Hopefully, the KTM team will continue to rely on MOTOREX's high-performance products in the Moto2 and Moto3 World Championships, the top Motocross and Supercross classes, and Enduro/Offroad competitions in the future.

Top executives at Motorex and KTM have expressed similar hopes. Motorex CEO Eddie Fisher said:

"After 120+ World Championship wins, we still have the same desire to win and we hope this partnership will bring even better results in the future."

KTM Motorsport Director Pete Bierer said,
"KTM and Motorex will always be in the spotlight of the motorcycling industry and the titles we have won over the years are proof of that."

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