E-bike is my very favorite Bike – Abu Siam Foysal


E-bike is my very favorite Bike – Abu Siam Foysal

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The main reason is choosing an E-bike is that I can ride it easily and have no hassles of documentation like a bike. So I have focused on more buying an E-bike and I have been already riding an E-bike whose name is Green Tiger GT VIVE for the last 2 years. Within this period I have completed 18,000 kilometers. Today I will share with you some experience of using this E-bike.
If I talk about the battery then I have to say that, the feedback on this battery is very good. As I expected before buying this E-bike the same things now I am getting from this but I have to change the battery 3 times within 2 years. This is a much-unexpected matter for me. On the other hand, I am getting 50-kilometer mileage from this battery when it remains fresh condition and when it became old the mileage of this battery drops to 40 kilometers. This is the problem that I am facing now otherwise no problem with other issues with the battery.

Comfort and Control
Riding with this E-bike seems very comfortable to me, especially since this E-bike is the best for city commuting and the feedback from breaking, comfort, control, suspension, etc of Green Tiger GT VIVE seems far better to me. Though I do little care about this E-bike still now I am getting better performance from this.

The power of the headlamp seems a little bit lower to me. When I ride this E-bike in the city or on any roads then I feel some lacking of headlamp power. On the other hand when I ride by the turning on headlamp then I got low mileage. I think the power battery capacity should be increased.
I found the maintenance cost of this e-bike to be average. All in all, I calculated that I was spending around Taka 20,000 a year. It worked for me, it might not work for you because it depends on the usage.
Service and spare parts
I usually get my e-bike serviced from the Green Target Rajshahi showroom. I like their service very much. Meanwhile, spare parts have to suffer a lot. all spare parts are not always available.
This was my user experience of Green Tiger GT VIVE E-bike. For those who want to buy an E-bike, I would like to say them that, they can buy e-bikes for an easy ride within the city.

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