Apollo Tyre Price in BD 2022

Apollo Tyre Price in BD 2022

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Apollo Tyre Price in Bangladesh 2022

Tyre Name Price in Bangladesh
Apollo ACTIGRIP R1 CT 3.00-18 6PR Tk. 3660 View Details
Apollo-100-80-17-52P-ACTIZIP-F5 Tk. 2860 View Details
Apollo-100-90-17-55P-ACTIZIP-R3 Tk. 3350 View Details
Apollo-100-90-18-56P-ACTIZIP-R3 Tk. 3400 View Details
Apollo-110-80-17-57P-ACTIZIP-R3 Tk. 3550 View Details
Apollo-130-70-17-62P-ACTIZIP-R5 Tk. 3850 View Details
Apollo-140-60-17-63H-ALPHA-S1 Tk. 4650 View Details
Apollo-140-70-17-66S-ACTIZIP-R5 Tk. 4400 View Details
Apollo-2.75-17-4PR-41P-ACTISTEER-F1 Tk. 2450 View Details
apollo-2.75-17-4PR-41P-ACTIZIP-F3 Tk. 2500 View Details
Apollo-2.75-174PR-41P-ACTISTEER-F7 Tk. 2200 View Details
apollo-2.75-18-4PR-42P-ACTIZIP-F2 Tk. 2600 View Details
apollo-2.75-18-6PR-48P-ACTIGRIP-R1 Tk. 2550 View Details
apollo-3.00-17-6PR-50P-ACTIGRIP-R1 Tk. 2750 View Details
apollo-3.00-18-6PR-52P-ACTIGRIP-R1 Tk. 2850 View Details
Apollo-80-100-17-46P-ACTIZIP-F2 Tk. 2550 View Details
apollo-80-100-17-53P-ACTIGRIP-R1 Tk. 2650 View Details
apollo-80-100-17-53P-ACTIZIP-R3 Tk. 2560 View Details
apollo-80-100-18-54P-ACTIGRIP-R1 Tk. 2850 View Details
apollo-80-100-18-54P-ACTIZIP-R3 Tk. 2650 View Details
Apollo-90-90-17-49P-ACTIZIP-F2 Tk. 2750 View Details

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Apollo Tyre price in Bangladesh
Apollo Tyre price in Bangladesh
MotorcycleValley 2022-05-12
Apollo Tire is one of the few reputed tire brands that has been doing business in Bangladesh with a reputation for providing lon...
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About Apollo
Apollo Tyres Ltd. Was founded in 1972 and since then it is a trusted name in the business of manufacture and sale of tyres. This company headquarters in Gurgaon, India, and they cater to over a 100 countries across the globe. The first plant was appointed in Perambra, Thrissur, Kerala, India in 1975. In 2009, Apollo acquired the Netherlands-based tyre maker VredesteinBanden B.V. which was later renamed as Apollo Vredestein B.V. Our manufacturing is spread their five facilities in India and one each in the Netherlands and Hungary. The vision of Apollo is “Driving Progress and gathering users together. By enabling excellence, they are trying to do so and serving more than 100 countries nowadays. More than 18800 employees are giving their effort to 7 manufacturing locations across INDIA AND EUROPE.
The company generates 69% of its revenues from India, 26% from Europe and 5% from other countries. Apollo announced its entry into the two-wheeler tyre segment with contract manufacturing in March 2016.The company markets its products under its two global brands - Apollo and Vredestein, and its products are available via their own providing channel in Bangladesh.