Helmet Tips in Bangladesh

What Is Helmet Communicator

One of the most popular helmet accessories is communicator, now a days people love to have a long rides with their friends and family, and the most important thing is to communicate with each other, but for safety purpose we can’t talk while riding, because we have to give our full attention i...

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Usage of pinlock visor in winter

it’s necessary to ride bike in any kind of situation, in our country most of the time in winter morning and night there are foggy weather and it’s hard to ride in this situation because our visor also gets foggy from our breath, pinlock visor has a major role here, it’s easy to ride with ...

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Use and Advantage Of Helmet Buff

Helmet is a necessary thing for a biker, it’s one of the main safety gear we use while bike riding, we have to use helmets for our daily communicate and for our safety, but majority of people don’t know the right usage of helmet and how it can lasts long, many of us having hair fall and fung...

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Points to Keep in Mind when Buying a Helmet

Helmet is one of the most important safety equipment for motorcycle lovers. In our country, there is a huge demand for helmets in the current market. Today we at Team Motorcycle Valley are going to discuss with you how to keep that in mind when purchasing your favorite helmet. Determining the Rig...

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How to Clean a Helmet

Each of us have some personal things which only used one person as like under garments, handkerchief, towel etc. As the helmet is very personal for the each biker, that’s why we have to care this things by ourselves with sincerity. It is a matter of sorrow that most of the biker never care about t...

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How to clean the Helmet visor by yourself

A visor, which is kind of transparent plastic placed on the front side of a is one of the most important part. It helps us to ride against wind and make sure our eyes are safe. However, it gets damaged due to overuse or improper cleaning and rubbing for various reasons. When it grabs some scratche...

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Types of helmets

There are many sort of helmet according to the demand and uses. Each of the helmet is different from each other in the structure and function. It is better you better prefer your need before you purchase a helmet, not the design only. Helmets are like a crown of a rider and it not only gives you con...

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