Types of helmets

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Types of helmets

Types-of-helmets-1633496731.jpgThere are many sort of helmet according to the demand and uses. Each of the helmet is different from each other in the structure and function. It is better you better prefer your need before you purchase a helmet, not the design only. Helmets are like a crown of a rider and it not only gives you confidence while riding, but also saves your valuable life. Head is the most sensitive part of our body and from this point of view, you have to keep it safe wherever you go. The soft portion of the helmet beneath the hard shell can literally save your head and life. Let us get introduced to some of the available types of helmet.

Half face helmet:

One of the most unsafe and common helmets to be found is Half face helmets. This is something like a cap worn by the kids. A half shell is there with a little shade just before the forehead. A belt from the both way which you can lock it under the chin. When it comes to save yourself from the traffic police, this helmet does a good job, but when it is about safety, don’t waste money. In the foreign land, this helmet is mostly used by the Cruiser and Vintage riders with the style. This will only protect your head and other parts of your helmet will remain open.

Open face helmet

Open face helmets are well known in our country and much more ahead on the matter of safety. This will cover 3/4th of your head. Although it has no protection from the front but this will save your face from the dust and other pollution of the air. You may face some problem in the winter for the cool air from the chin side as well as protection of chin which is very necessary. Those who want open front side along with safety, they should use it.

Full-face-helmets-1633496701.jpgFull face helmets are the thing we need to ensure complete safety; we can consider this as a complete helmet. This helmet has an extra protection on the of the chin. By which its front glass is little bit small according to the size of “open face helmet” same time your face will be safe from the pollution. There is a ventilation system in this helmet, which you can turn on and off on the point necessity. Some rider dislikes this helmet for its surround system. Yes, you may feel hot in the summer, but this will never let you feel cool in the winter. If you want complete protection, then you must use this helmet.

Modular helmet

Modular helmets/ flip up helmets is an excellent combination of “open face and full face helmet”. This sort of helmets offers the facility to fold the whole part of front of the neck and chin. And by this way you are going to have the advantage of “open face and full face helmet” as you can fold the down part of this helmet that’s why, we cannot consider this helmet better from the full face on the matter of safety. You can fold the part in the front in the time eat or drink.

Off-road helmet

Off-road helmet is extended from both side including chin and forehead. There is no glass in the front rather the off-road riders use goggles to keep away from the dust. Inside part is little bit close but comfortable as well. You better don't use this helmet on the road why because it doesn’t have the necessary safety things as an on road helmet should has.

Dual sport helmet

Dual sport helmet is a co design of “full face and off-road helmet”. Especially for those biker who choose off-road helmet but then again looking for the advantage as like full face. It has a clear glass in the front same time the design of the off-road helmet which ensure the complete safety.


When it comes to save ourselves from traffic rules, we choose a normal helmet and maximum riders in our country never try to realize actual necessity of the helmet. In the recent time, helmet is used as the part of life-style. Even purchasing helmet, we don't think about the proper safety and start looking for the reasonable helmet. However, doing this means we are putting ourselves to danger. From this point of view, no one should compromise on choosing a better helmet for the safety. Both the rider and the pillion should use helmet.

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