Factory Owned by Harley Davidson now LML will make E-Scooters


Factory Owned by Harley Davidson now LML will make E-Scooters

In the nineties, LML has made a name for itself in the Indian market. They have announced that they will return to the world of two-wheelers in India, even though they left the market after failing to survive in the competition. But this time the bike company is returning with electric scooter. LML Electric is the name of a new company. They will use Saera Electric Auto's factory in Bawale, Haryana to make electric scooters. The same was announced by the company yesterday. It is learned that LML Electric and Saera Electric Auto have entered into a strategic partnership.

It is worth mentioning that Saera Electric Auto made Harley Davidson products before doing business in India. LML's goal, therefore, is to build a ready-made manufacturing facility to utilize Saera's technology, experience, and expertise as much as possible.

The Bawal factory in Haryana is located on 2,17,800 square feet of land. Its annual production capacity is 18,000 units. The goal of LML through the factory is to make a complete Made in India product by 2025. In this context, the CEO of the company Yogesh Bhatia said, "We want automakers to reduce their dependence on imports and focus on local manufacturing. We are confident that our partnership with Saera will redefine the future of EV production in India.

Incidentally, LML started its journey in 1979. Once upon a time it was common to see the company's two-wheeler on the streets of India and neighbor countries. The company is now preparing to return in a new form, even though it was in crisis for a long time. Prices for the company's upcoming electric two-wheelers are expected to be affordable.

Naturally, it is expected that LML's e-bikes will be available in the Indian market, meaning that they will be readily available at the grassroots level in the Bangladeshi market, just as LML's fuel-powered bikes were available.

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