Yamaha FZS Fi Matte Green user review by Moin Joy Bangla Version
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Owned for 3months-1year   []   Ridden for 10000km+

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Yamaha FZS Fi Matte Green user review by Moin Joy


Hey guys I am Moin Joy and I am bike lover. At present I am using Yamaha FZS Fi Matte Green and already I have ridden 16000kilometers with my bike. Undoubtedly I like its design and along with that overall performance of this bike also made me happy. Today I am going to share few experiences with bike.

For 16000 kilometers I had ridden this bike with my own preference, most of the time I had driven my baby at muddy and off roads and it was for almost seven months, I had used the pickup of this bike according to my own variety, but no complains. Because my baby just have done every single thing as I wanted. Though it’s a machine this type of brutal behavior can’t be tolerated but my bike does so and that’s why I have offered her better provisions as well.

My bike has already travelled Kishorganj, maymanshing Bramhanbaria, Kustia, Pabna and Cox’s bazaar. I have good better controlling and comfort both that’s why I didn’t faced any problems at all. Yes I have maintained her well because many of the Fi users are complaining these days but they didn’t even know what their bike wants from them. If they tried to feel the engine work ability then they will get the real fun of FI technology.

For my bikes caring have always tried my best. I had always changed the engine oil as it’s required because it can be said as the main food of the engine. For the first 2500 kilometers I had used Yamaha lube 10W40 and after that Havoline 20W40. During the use of Yamaha lube I figured out my bikes engine got heated very early and after changing that I realized why. From 4500 kilometer I started to use Motul 7100, 10W40 and I just loved it. Once because I used Shell Advance instead of Motul but it was the worst one, within 1000 kilometers I have to change it though it was synthetic oil.


For better performance I have made few changes. After 9000 kilometers I have changed the Air Filter and also the rear brake shoe. Because of riding in the rain within 800 kilometers front brakes started to create problem and that’s why I have changed the whole thing. I have placed LED lights at the front and for the highways I have also placed extra CRI LED lights. When my bike reached 14900 kilometers I have replaced the rear brakes. Without these I have change the wheel rubber, after3000 kilometer I have used tire gel to get rid of the leakage and after 12000 kilometers serviced the engine and set the timing and taped. Now I just need to change the clutch plate.


Finally I just want to say according to the price am satisfied with its performance. My bike is my love and your one will be yours, so opinions may vary. According to me I will give 4 out 5 for this bike without any doubt.

Take care of your bike and ride safe.

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