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Beetle Bolt Stinger vs Beetle Bolt Corbet features comparison

Beetle Bolt Stinger Vs Beetle Bolt Corbet

Beetle Bolt Stinger vs Beetle Bolt Corbet: Beetle Bolt Stinger is priced at Tk 195000 while Beetle Bolt Corbet is the cheaper one priced at Tk 147000. Both bikes brand origin is USA. Beetle Bolt Corbet is the fuel efficient one with a claimed mileage of 45 kmpl while the claimed figure for Beetle Bolt Stinger is 45 Kmpl.
User Ratings
nan / 10

9.0 / 10
Name Beetle Bolt Stinger Beetle Bolt Corbet
Brand Beetle Bolt Beetle Bolt
Brand Origin USA USA
Made/Assemble in
Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4-stroke, Air cooled Single Cylinder, 4-stroke, Air cooled
Displacement(CC) 149.5 149.5
MaxPower 13.5Ps @ 8000rpm 13.5Ps @ 8000rpm
MaxTorque 11.5Nm @ 6000rpm 11.5Nm @ 6000rpm
Mileage (Company) * 45 kmpl 45 kmpl
Mileage (User)* +/- 0 kmpl +/- 0 kmpl
Top Speed * 120 kmph 120 kmph
Weight 139 Kg 150 Kg
Seat Height 800mm 800mm
Fuel Tank 12 Liter 12 Liter
Brakes (F/R) Disc, Disc Double Disc, Disc
Tires (F/R) 110/70-17 Tubeless, 140/70-17 Tubeless 110/70-17 Tubeless, 150/70-17 Tubeless
Suspensions (F/R) Telescopic, Mono Telescopic, Mono
Good Sides
Bad Sides
Services - 3 Years warranty - 3 Years warranty
Showrooms/Dealers: 18 18
Price Tk 195000 Tk 147000
Full Features Click Here for full specs Click Here for full specs
* Real value may vary

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