Yamaha FZS Fi user review by Dr. Jamal Bangla Version
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Yamaha FZS Fi user review by Dr. Jamal


I crossed almost 6000+ kilometers in just 8 months. There are so many bikers who shared their experience in different biker groups from where I got the influence to share my one and this will be just my own opinion same time, I hope each of you will with me meanwhile.

Before this one I used to ride “Bajaj Pulsar 150 ug4” and I used 3 years and ridden it 20000 kilometers then I sold it and purchase my dream bike “Yamaha FZS Fi Matt Green SP Edition” from “M/S Khan Auto” of Jessore and date was 3rd of December. It is good to say that, I can’t sleep the whole night before the day of purchase. I can remind the words of the showroom owner “Sujon Khan” when he phoned me for the arrival of the bike I said “I have waited for a long time for your phone” and the he replied such way “I’m not your girl friend so that you have to wait for my call” (just for fun). Actually the situation was like “he kidnapped my girl friend and asking for the rescue money” (only for fun).

Lets come to the business now
Without the Pulsar I had ridden so many bikes like “R15”, V2/Apache/Discover but I’m share my experience today with them rather my today’s story is about the “Yamaha FZS Fi”.

I feel it very smooth from the others (I’m not going to compare it with the others), its 12+ torque is heavy effective. I never try to see the top speed and I always ridden it inside 50-90 kilometers per hour.

Build quality:
I am going to mark it 9 out of 10. Some people often mention it as the “Plastic” to them I’m going to say that, if this one build with the metal object then no one but only can body builder could control it. I don’t get any problem in this bike but the chain only. When I complain this one “ACI Bangladesh Ltd” changed it in just few days and then I got the real image and happiness to have a bike like FI. Specially thanks to ACI, I found their customer service very amazing. I made my complain to “MD. Abul Bashar” and they solve my problem by crossing 60 kilometers. I’m really grateful for your cordial behave.

I will give this bike 120 out of 100 why because; this one is my ever ridden best control system bike. I can turn this one with my confident and especially 140 stock tyre is very effective. And the breaking system is just perfect. When I hold the both break at a time in the speed of 70 kilometers per hour the bike not even skidded an inch.


I have finished the break in period in 2000 kilometers and in that period I used “Yamaha lube 10w-40”. Then I prefer “Motul 300v 10w40”. The performance of Motul is very charming and this is cannot be realized until anyone use it. In this 6000 kilometers I just cleaned the oil filter and the engine oil, nothing else beside this.

There is one more important thing, I have cleaned the fuel injector two times. Then the performance changed certainly.

My wish is to ride this bike for 5 years more. The more I care the more it serves. Its been 8 months and the bike is like whole new, I always try to care my bike as much as possible. I cannot ride this one according to my desire for job issue although I’m a bike lover.
Thanks to all for reading my long opinion with patient.
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