Keeway RKS 100 Test Ride Review by Team MotorcycleValley Bangla Version
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Keeway RKS 100 Test Ride Review by Team MotorcycleValley


In our country one of the most popular statement about china product is “Chinese products are not long-lasting”. But these days world’s most admired brand products are manufactured by china and there is no doubt about their longevity or product quality. Nowadays Chinese products are spread all over the world and they are performing well. The truth is few greedy business person import the lowest range china product for our country because of extra profit and when those products doesn’t last long people of our country thinks Chinese product are worthless. But now this type of thinking is changing and numerous products from popular Chinese brands are available in our country and people do have faith in those.

Motorcycle market of our country is also packed with Chinese products like the others sectors. Besides Japanese and Indian motorcycle brands one of the renowned chine brand Keeway is available for last few years in our country and these Keeway motorcycles are imported and distributed by Speedoz Limited.

It doesn’t matter what the brand is, every new motorbike offer superb performance. When it started to get older then the problem about the engine or other body part comes forward. Only because of this reason MotorcycleValley choose Keeway RKS 100 motorbike for our test ride which has already run 9000 kilometers. We wanted to after 9000 kilometers what will be performance as Chinese product. We had used experienced riders of ours, and they are different at their weight, height and mentality. This motorcycle is also used in different road conditions and weather, from a rainy day at the muddy roads to smooth highway this bike has been tested. Reason behind that was to get different opinion from dissimilar users at unusual conditions. Downwards the opinions are placed of our test riders.


Abu Syeed Mahmud Hasan
Height: 5’8”
Wight: 68KG

He has driven this bike at the village roads, crowded and busy city roads and also at the highways.
According to him, as commuter bike he loved the performance of this bike, particularly short turning radius, good seating position, comfortable suspension and the effective braking. Because of all these he got better riding performance at both city and village roads. Along with that bikes weight played a good role during his ride because as 100cc bike his long ride was very much comfortable. Headlight performed well at both city and village roads but after 50 KM/H speed he felt lack of light from the headlamp.



Mikdad Bin Huq Ether
Height: 6’ 0"
Wight: 82KG

He stated that split seat, excellent suspension and good braking of this bike increased his riding confidence. He liked the design because no one believes that this is a 100cc bike, it seem like 150cc. all the modern features like electric start, passing switch, digital mete, gear indicator, fuel indicator etc helped him a lot to have relaxed and enjoyable journey. As bad thing he said, at 50-60 KM/H speed when this bike runs bikes handle bar vibrates a lot and after 60-65 KM/H it decreases.


Asif Reza
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 90KG

Opinion of his about this bike is, to Outstanding outlook, as 100 cc bike this type of excellent braking can’t be found at the other bikes, both rider and pillion seat is well designed, on Zigzag roads bike offers better controlling, and because of better suspension relaxed ride. He also said about some problems and they are, lack of engine power and for this it take time to get on to good speed, it could be better is this bike offered instant pick-up and gear shifter is not smooth as well.


Azizul Hakim Maruf
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 70KG

He said, as used motorcycle there are no lacking of design, color combination and the body parts. Terrific design which can catch the eyes, comfortable seating position, suspension and brakes both are very effective. Electrical features are very attractive and durable also. He didn’t face any kind of problem when he was riding at the speed of 88 KM/H speed with a pillion.

Our riders have tested this 100cc bike which has already used 9000 kilometers and holds a Chinese brands name. We were monitoring the whole combination of this bikes price, performance features and design. After we had finished our observation we can say this bike is excellent because of the combination of design and features. Body parts are well made, undoubtedly a comfortable bike which offers better control as well. At different road condition the average mileage we have got from this bike is 58 KM/L. Talking about the shortage of this bike we must say, it took time to get onto good speed and lack of headlamp power after 50 KM/H speed during night riding. This bike contains muscular design and sporty looks and because of that thinner tyres are not perfect for this bike, though for that reason this bike offers better mileage. But if we look at the price these problems can be ignored easily, or if these problems can be solved selling range of this bike will be increased that we believe.
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