Haojue KA 135 user reviews by Md. Rakib Islam
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Haojue KA 135 user reviews by Md. Rakib Islam

Haojue KA 135 user reviews by Md. Rakib IslamThis is Md. Rakibul Islam from Rajshahi. To me bike is a part and parcel of my daily routine. As a businessman I have to drive around 40 km daily within the city or outside the city. Therefore to me mileage is more important than anything else of a motorbike. I have been using Haojue KA 135 blue for last four months and have driven around 4600 km. Before this bike I have ride some of the popular bike such as Bajaj Discover 135, Yamaha Rx, Fazer, Vox75 ( in Dubai) etc. as well as I have learned motorbike riding at ever green Japanese Honda HS100. If I am not wrong, it was 2004 I asked my elder brother to help me for taking my first ride. By the way, here I am going to share my riding experience of Haojue KA 135 with you.

Let’s have a look some of the pros and cons of this Chinese sports looking bike.

- Compare to other sports bike, mileage is admirable. It has been giving 50 plus km per liter.
- Nice outlook with better suspension and electric features. It has good enough headlight brightness that would give you clear view in the dark night.

- Due to have plastic cover at the silencer, it does not last long as well as engine guard is also not given.
- Rear wheel could have been little bit wider for better control.
- Engine kill switch is not given as a safety lock.

Why this one?
As I said above, mileage is important to me than anything else. After knowing that Haojue KA 135 will give me 50 plus, I never had second thought. Moreover, its outlook is also attractive and price was within my budget.

Long ride experience
I went to Chapai Nababganj and get back at the same day. It was nice ride of 290 km. I never felt any back pain or other passer during my journey. Even in the doubling I do ride comfortably. During my journey I got maximum speed 90 km/h and I believe it could have been 100 plus. Engine performance was also smooth and over all control was nice.

Engine features
As a Chinese bike Haojue KA 135 has strong engine. Specification of my bike engine is given below.

Engine: Air-cooled, 4 stroke, Single Cylinder
Displacement (cc): 135cc
Max Power: 8.0 KW @ 8000rpm
Max Torque: 10.5Nm @ 6000rpm
Brake Front: Disc & Drum

Mileage, normally depend on the road types, bike riding style as well as engine performance. In my case, Initially, I was receiving 40 plus but after completing break in period mileage getting better and now having 50 km per litter.

Some of my friends discouraged me to get this one but I was clear about my decision. Nowadays, surprisingly my friends are also giving positive point of view about my Haojue KA 135. I would like to give 9 out of 10 to this model.
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