Yamaha Motorcycle Prices for June 2017
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Yamaha Motorcycle Prices for June 2017


Japanese motorbikes are very popular across the world for their high class performance. Bangladesh is also one of those countries where Japanese motorcycles are popular because of their premium performance, designs and affordable prices. Among two Japanese brands which are available in our country “Yamaha” Brand is in attendance. Many of the high segments bike successively role at other countries but because of the cc limitations our motorbike lovers cannot use more than 155cc engine. We are lucky that Yamaha manufacture 150cc motorcycles and they are available in our country. ACI motors Bangladesh is the one and only authorized sole distributer and importer of Yamaha motorbikes in our country and they brings various motorcycles from Yamaha for our country people. Let’s check out the available bikes and current prices of Yamaha From bellow the lines.

Yamaha Saluto 125CC (Drum Brake and Disc Brake)
Saluto 125CC is now updated and comes with new style and graphics. Decent outlooks, verities of colors, and standard feature made this bike attractive as a commuter. Not only that this bike is available with two kinds one with Drum braking and other one with more updated graphics and Disc brakes at the front. That’s why there prices also vary. Current price of Yamaha Saluto 125CC Drum Brake is TK 145000 and Yamaha Saluto 125CC Disc Brake is available at TK 152000.

Yamaha SZ-RR V2.0 150CC
This machine can be smaller in size but performance is pure symbol of class. This motorcycle from Yamaha is powered with 150cc engine and the power output can give the rider great satisfaction at the roads. Better mileage, color combination, style and now the blue core technology made this bike charming than before. This bike is offered with special color edition too. Yamaha SZ-RR V2.0 150CC special edition of matt green holds the price tag of TK 195000 and the regular SZ-RR 150 holds the price tag of TK 190000.

Yamaha FZS Fi Version 2.0
Now at these days this motorcycle from Yamaha creates a new era in our local market. Demand of this upgraded FZS version is rising and rising. Lots of color variants, matt edition, better mileage, stylish new looks, and high class performance of Blue core engine all are making this bike attractive than before. Recent price of this motorcycle is TK 255000 and special edition model named matt green holds the price of TK 265000.

Yamaha Fazer FI Version 2.0
This motorcycle is another upgrade version, another finest creation of Yamaha. Split seat, new body kit, powerful electrical, and the blessing of Blue core engine works for this bike and it become popular than the past after it launched. Current price of this bike is TK 275000.

Yamaha R15 S and R15 V2.0
There are few differences between R15s and R15 V2. Basic difference stars from engine. Where R15 V2 has Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve engine, R15s has Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC. Maximum power output of V2 is 17PS where the version v1.5 has 12.2kw. There is also difference in headlight, seating position & brakes. Recent price of Yamaha R15 S is TK 440000 and R15 V2.0 is TK 480000.

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Dear, I would like to know about the price of Yamaha saluto RX & its availability. Is it available in Rangpur or Dinajpur ? plz do have an email or ph - 01913850689.

22 September 2017, Morning 06:45

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