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  • Bangladesh traffic and road sign – Information Signs
    Traffic signs or road signs are signs erected at the side of or above roads to provide information to road users. An information sign is a very legibly printed and very noticeable placard that informs people of the purpose of an object, or gives them instruction on the use of something. An example is a traffic sign such as a stop sign. Information signs have been growing in visibility due to the ... details
  • Bangladesh traffic and road sign - Warning Sign
    Roadway signals in Bangladesh progressively use symbols rather than words to express their note. Symbols supply instant communication with roadway users, overwhelm dialect obstacles, and are becoming benchmark for traffic command apparatus throughout the world. Familiarity with emblems on traffic signals is important for every street client in alignment to sustain the security and effectivenes... details
  • Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA)
    Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) was established under section 2A of Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1983, (Amendment-1987) Vide SRO No-303/Law/87/MVRT/1E-7/84(part), and dated 20/12/87 and has been functioning since January 1988. BRTA is a regulatory body to control manages and ensures discipline in the road transport sector and road safety related areas in Bangladesh. It is an authority und... details
  • Traffic Offences and Penalties in Bangladesh
    Here is a list of the fine you need to pay if you violate any traffic rule in Bangladesh. The fine will be double, if you caught by any special traffic police, check post, or police petrol car. 137 – General fine – 200 Tk. 139 – Using hydrolic horn – 100 Tk. 140 – Disobey police order, refusal to cooperate – 500 Tk. (Same as special fine.) 140 – Disobeying red s... details

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