1st January 2018, MotorcycleValley has inaugurated first ever motorcycle zone in Bangladesh. This zone is the right place for the bike and bikers it is consist of facilities to examining the performance of a bike at several road conditions, Traveler's Zone for the motorcycle riders, Sports Zone and space for the motorcycle companies to display their bike through motorcycle fair and most importantly motorcycle driving training schools to teach how to ride motorcycle properly by following rules and regulation.


Motorcycle Test Lab : Facilities to examine the performance of a bike at several road conditions from user point of view.

Traveler's Zone : proper provision for the bike travelers to get clean entertainment at cols to the nature.

Sports Zone: first special sports zone for the motorcycle riders. Riders will get the opportunity to display their motorcycle related sports talent in front of the spectators.

Motorcycle Fair Zone : good enough space for the motorcycle companies to display their bike through motorcycle fair to the potential buyers.

Motorcycle Driving Training: Driving without proper documents is an offence. It is mandatory to have proper bikes documents as well as driving license. Moreover you have to pay handsome amount of fee in terms of braking traffic and road's rules and regulation. Therefore it is compulsory to have proper knowledge about traffic rules and regulation with good driving skill. Besides it is better to have knowledge about basic maintenance of own motorcycle.

Motorcycle Valley has taken complete initiative to generate the consciousness about motorcycle driving rules and regulation to the existing riders as well as teach the new riders to drive motorcycle properly by following proper instruction of the roads and traffics. Moreover, riders will get adequate advice and support in the time of making driving license.

Curriculum of training is as follows-

  • - Motorcycle driving
  • -Introduction of several motorcycle parts
  • - Maintenance lesson
  • -Idea about traffic rules and regulation
  • - Discussion on driving license procedure


New Students

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