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  • New Bajaj Discover 125cc
    Bajaj Discover 125ccBajaj Automobiles producing 125cc bike in a whole new format as it is never before. This is really a good news for those bikers who choose standard bike. It has almost no difference in the model but possess difference in Engine. This bikes Engine is more powerful this time then it was. The m... more
  • Bangladeshi 150cc motorcycles
    Runner TurboNowadays two wheeler vehicles has become a part of our day-today life. There are many reasons which make this vehicle Popular. Such as comfortable and easy riding, fuel consumption, stylish and attractive vehicle, perfect for the road situation for our country etc. after introducing this vehic... more
Bike Reviews
  • Freedom Runner Trover Bike Review
    Freedom Runner TroverRunner automobiles putting the perfect system in their business to run it all over Bangladesh with the enormous fame. They making the business policy according to the economic condition of Bangladeshi people. On the other hand, product variety is one of the major tactics and tricks to run ... more
  • Runner Bijoy Motorcycle Review
    Runner BijoyAs their intention to spread their business in all over Bangladesh and to make their position on the top in the sell. Runner automobiles one of the popular bike is Runner Bijoy. As a part of variation of product with the intention to attract the customers and grab the market, they just doing this excellently as an... more
  • Dayang Runner Bullet 100cc Bike Review
    Dayang Runner Bullet 100ccI purchased this bike in last December. First of all, for those people who are standard class and student, I want to say few words to them; Many of us purchase bike in installment or interested to purchase. There are two companies in Bangladesh who provide or sell their bikes in the sys... more
  • Walton Fusion 125NX Bike Review
    Walton MotorcycleWalton bikes is becoming more and more popular with the flow of time. As a Bangladeshi brand, it possess a huge market place in our country by its variety product and most importantly its affordable price range. Walton bikes have a different style to capture the market, they use search mentality for de... more
  • Walton Ranger 100cc Bike Review
    Walton RangerAs a domestic brand, Walton bikes got a huge admiration of the customers. Whereas, most of our Bangladeshi brand marked a common complain that, its quality is not in the international level. Walton puts a question mark on this complain. Specially, Walton bikes got an extra attention of all class of peo... more
Bike Tips
  • Important Tips to Buy a Motorcycle
    During purchasing a new motorcycle you should keep following points in your mind: For purchasing a new motorcycle a rider should keep many important things to his mind to know the condition about the motorcycle. Because those motorcycles which are in better condition will give the riders better service. First of all check your motorcycle very smoothly at the showroom during purchasing it. Y... more
  • Motorcycle breaking tips
    Motorcycle riding is one of the most enjoyable subject to people of any ages. During bike riding most important thing is breaking. Sometimes breaking system can be a reason of dangerous accident and sometimes it can save your valuable life. So every rider should have knowledge about the breaking system. Nowadays at our local market... more
  • Types of motorcycle tyres
    Types of motorcycle tyresAs a two wheeler vehicle motorcycle one of the best vehicle across the world. After introducing this vehicle at 19th century the popularity of this vehicle has increased bay by day. Now this vehicle has become a part of our regular life. This vehicle is built up with stylish and charming lo... more