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  • Dayang Runner Bullet In a whole new looks with new edition
    Dayang Runner BulletRunner automobile is producing whole new edition of the Dayang Runner bullet for the young bike lover. This company making a new edition of sky blue color of the mentioned model. Already bullet series have few colors in the market including black and red. But this edition of sky blue... more
  • ZNEN motor bikes with installment facility
    The demand of the motorbike is increasing day by day in a heavy speed for its superb facility and easy to ride function, at the same time this vehicle has the structure that suit on anyone on it. You know, there are so many people in our country who keep a dream with them that will have a bike of their own, but for the want of money, they cannot afford any bike. As to say about the economic condit... more
Bike Reviews
  • Bajaj Pulsar AS150 Motorcycle Review
    Bajaj Pulsar AS15Bajaj is one of the leading motorcycle manufacturing company who imports quality motorcycles to our country. This Indian company has got many different types and designs of motorcycles. Among those an entire series of Bajaj motorcycle is very popular and that is Bajaj pulsar series. At present this ser... more
  • Suzuki Gixxer SF Price and Review
    Suzuki Gixxer SF Different types of Vehicles are the major part of our day today life. For our easy movement we use different types of vehicles among them motorcycle is much popular and reliable. Many types of motorcycles can be found in our local market from different manufacturing companies. Suzuki Gixxer SF is the new... more
  • Dayang Runner DY50 Bike Price and Reviews
    Dayang Runner DY50 BikeDayang is one of the leading motorbike brands in Bangladesh in the recent time. As to say about this company, no other bike companies in Bangladesh that have so many bikes on the road as the Runner have. We are not suggesting you to believe our words, it would be better if you take a look on the road, wi... more
  • Dayang Runner AD80S Bike Specifications Price and Review
    Dayang Runner AD80S BikeThere is no need to introduce Dayang, as it is one of the most selling brand in the Bangladesh. On question about the reason behind the huge sell? They make their bikes with standard design in which anyone can ride this without any hesitation of matching of age with the design of the bike. This brand also... more
  • Freedom Royal ES 100cc Bike Price & Review
    Freedom Royal ES 100cc BikeAs to know about the Freedom Royal ES, first of all let’s take a look over the company Runner automobiles, the importer of Freedom brand. Runner automobile is one of the largest bikes selling company of Bangladesh. This company has all the category of the bike. You don’t have to go anywhere, once ... more
Bike Tips
  • Which one is better for your bike? Petrol or octane?
    Fuel is known as the blood of the bike. Without fuel bike can not be run. Though nowadays we have seen some bikes to run by electricity but most of the bikes run with fuel in our country. Two types of fuel engine bike are available in our country. In our country most of the bike lover have a common question. Question is which fuel is better for my bike? Petrol or octane. Generally there ... more
  • Motorcycle dry cell vs wet cell battery
    Battery are used for back up of electricity, especially in the portable device which cannot run without electricity. In the recent time, Battery's has a great importance in those places where main power/national greed is merely available. Before we put our sense in the deep of dry cell and wet cell battery, lets should take a look on t... more
  • Why you should purchase Chinese bike?
    There is a believe/proverb in our community that Chinese products are not so durable or quality-less. Is it really true? Lets take a look on the back, what were the condition of Chinese products in the past: The people who are senior citizen, they had seen a bicycle name "China Phoenix" this brand of bicycle is very much famous in all the part of our country. It has the quality in all the side of ... more