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  • Walton motorcycles in Bangladesh
    Walton MotorcyclesMotorcycle is one of the most popular vehicle across the whole world. This stylish and popular vehicle was first introduced at 19th century. After that day by day the popularity becomes higher and higher of this vehicle. Nowadays it has become one of the essential part of our life. With this... more
  • TVS motorcycles in Bangladesh
    Vehicles are essential part of mankind. Because without vehicles people can not have comfortable and safe journey. It saves our valuable time and energy which is a very important thing of our day today life. There are many kind of vehicles which are available in our world along with our country. Such as Two wheel vehicles, three wheel vehicles, four wheel vehicles and many more. Among them two whe... more
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  • Yamaha R15 Motorcycle Review
    Yamaha R15 MotorcycleYamaha Motor Company Limited was established on 1955 in Japan. They produce motorcycles, scooters and other motorized vehicles. After starting their journey in India at 1985, they also began to export their products to Bangladesh. Day by day Yamaha becomes much popular as a motorcycle comp... more
  • Honda CB Trigger motorcycle review
    HONDA CB TriggerPeople of Bangladesh believe that “Honda” is the best motorcycle brand. Many people think the other name of two wheels vehicle is “Honda”. Because of build quality and durability of Honda motorcycles they are one of the most popular motorcycle companies across the whole world. Mainly “... more
  • Compare Suzuki Slingshot Plus VS Honda CB Shine
    Suzuki and Honda both are not only motorcycle manufacturing company but they are also leading motorcycle manufacturing company in the world. These two motorcycle company manufacture well configured and high quality motorcycles for the motorcycle riders. Both these company provides racing type and general motorcycles. Country like Bangladesh people often uses general motorcycles. For our country... more
  • Pulsar: Most selling and popular motorcycle in Bangladesh
    Bajaj Pulsar 150Pulsar motorcycle is an Indian brand motorcycle, and it is one of the basic motorcycles which are suitable for every kind of motorcycle riders. People of every ages who knows motorcycle riding and have curiosity about motorcycles they know how much popularity Pulsar contains with it. Bajaj Pulsar i... more
  • KeeWay RKS100 Bike Ownership Review
    KeeWay RKS100 From the childhood I have a dream to buy my own motorcycle. My father never supported me to have a motorcycle, so for three years I had driven my uncle’s Chinese motorcycle with sorrows. After completing my graduation, I got a job and I started to save money to buy my own mo... more
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  • Importance of Motorcycle Seat Height
    Motorcycles are one of the most fashionable and enjoyable vehicle. But if we won't ride it comfortably we can face many difficulties. Riding motorcycle comfortably depends on many different things among them saddle height or seat height is most important. So when someone buys a motorcycle the buyer should be concern about the saddle of that bike. There are many impotence of saddle height or seat h... more
  • How to prevent from hydroplaning?
    What is Hydroplaning? Hydroplaning is a loss of balance or braking control when a layer of water prevents direct contact between tyres and the road, runway, or other surface. It occurs with both two wheels and four wheels vehicles. Hydroplaning occurs with motorcycles more then four wheels vehicles. If we saw the difference between the tyres of four wheels vehicles and motorcycles we will see tha... more
  • Motorbike Riding with Passenger
    Motorcycle is one of the most enjoyable vehicles in our country basis. Motorcycle riding gives the freedom to the riders to enjoy the ride at open air. Those people who loves speed in their life they also loves bike riding. In our country bike riders are increasing day by day. Before a few days past this topic was not so popular at all. But now a day’s motorcycle riding is becoming essential par... more